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Sponsored by Talisman Energy USA, Inc., The Big Tiny Young Show features Country, Gospel, and a variety of popular favorites.  In a performance of music from the 50's through today, Tiny combines audience participation and his spicy wit into a show that appeals to any audience.  From Elvis to Orbison, Willie Nelson to The eagles, Bobby Vinton to Randy Travis., Garth Brooks to Alan Jackson.  With a repertoire of well over 1,000 selections, Tiny Young and the Young Sound Machine make for a rousing good time.

The Young Sound Machine, designed by Tiny, himself, has an amazing array of electronic and computerized devices.  The incredible Ketron SD1-Plus MIDI-controller/live-loop sequencer is it's main instrument.  The SD1 is supported by an electronic keyboard base; a Rolland JV-1010 sound module; a Digitech Vocalist-VR Digital Sampler for live, spontaneous harmonies; an Alesis Midiverb digital effects processor; and over a dozen special effects devices.  Backed by 1800 watts of Crown CE-2000 power and a Bose 802-2 loud speaker system all these devices surround Tiny and are controlled by him with the touch of a finger, or toe...

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