STORM Tough Truck Show

Thursday, August 10, 2017

 Thank You to Ward Manufacturing for sponsoring this event!

Trucks Take Track by S.T.O.R.M. at Tioga County Fair

Move over, demolition derby drivers; there’s a new competition for thrill seekers coming to the Tioga County Fair.  The S.T.O.R.M. Tough Truck Show takes it to the next level on Thursday, August 10, at 7pm.  

Tough truck racing puts the driver in fast paced, timed competition against fellow drivers on a course which consists of turns, jumps, and other obstacles! Although these vehicle bodies look stock and the engines are naturally aspirated, modified tough trucks are otherwise heavily worked over to handle the bumps, jumps, corners, and hazards inherent in each obstacle course, including custom suspension, shocks, and can have anywhere from 500- 800 horsepower.     

A stock class allows locals to enter their daily-drivers and run against the clock. Trophies and bragging rights are the rewards for superhuman displays of driving skill.  

To participate in the Stock Class, the vehicle must be in overall good shape and safe operating condition.  Truck body must be firmly attached to chassis. Loose objects must be removed from interior of truck & bed.  Each vehicle’s battery must be securely held in place. (No straps, rope, expando cords, etc.)  No convertibles allowed.  Vehicle must be equipped with a working transmission, neutral safety switch, and operable forward and reverse. Vehicle must have glass side windows rolled down completely during competition.   Driver must wear a safety approved full-face helmet manufactured no earlier than 2005, long pants and a sleeved shirt (i.e., no tank tops). Each driver must provide his/her own helmet.  Each vehicle  requires a shoulder strap and a lap belt.  A “Y” styled racing harness will be accepted.  All harness mounting brackets should be attached directly to the frame or chassis of truck and installed to limit the driver’s body travel both upward and forward. No sheet metal shall be mounted to the floorboards. Under no circumstances are bolts to be inserted through belt webbing.  Drivers must stay on designed course or may will be disqualified.  Driver’s hands and feet must be inside the driver’s compartment at all times while competing.  

All participants pay a $20 pit fee to enter the track.  Registration opens at 6 pm and a Pit Party will also be held at that time for all ticket holders.  Upon registration each driver will be refunded $40 to cover his pit fee and that of a mechanic.  

For complete rules on racing your Tough Truck at the Tioga County Fair, Click Here


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